Russia successfully put into production carpet production line


      Russia has achieved a significant milestone in the industrial sector as a new carpet production line has been successfully put into operation.   This development showcases the country's progress and commitment to expanding its manufacturing capabilities.

      The state-of-the-art carpet production line is equipped with the latest technology and is expected to meet the growing demand for high-quality carpets in both the domestic and international markets.

      Industry experts believe that this investment in the carpet industry will not only enhance Russia's position in the global market but also demonstrate its potential for further industrial growth and innovation.   With this successful launch, Russia is set to make a significant impact on the carpet manufacturing sector and continue to strengthen its industrial base.

      This production line is mainly composed of: Bale opener , Pre-opening and Large chamber mixer, Main opening and Feeder, Carding machine, Cross lapper, Needling machine, Ironing machine, Cloth storage rack, Winding machine.

      We can customize various production lines according to customer needs   

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