Russia successfully put into production of non-glue wadding production line


    A remarkable achievement has been witnessed as a state-of-the-art non-glue wadding production line has been successfully delivered to Russia.   This significant event marks a milestone in the business cooperation between XINHONGSHENG and its Russian partners.

    The advanced non-glue wadding production line is designed to produce high-quality non-glue wadding products, meeting the stringent requirements of the market.The shipment of this cutting-edge technology showcases the company's commitment to providing innovative solutions and strengthening its global presence.

    The successful delivery of the non-glue wadding production line is expected to have a positive impact on the Russian market, enabling local industries to enhance their production capabilities and offer superior products.   It also reinforces the strong ties between the two countries in the industrial sector.

    This achievement demonstrates the company's ability to meet international demands and its dedication to delivering excellence. With this successful shipment, the future looks promising for further growth and collaboration in the non-glue cotton industry.


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